Workplace design is not a static output and to gain the maximum benefit, there needs to be a cyclic process of testing and adapting.  One of the most effective ways we have found is through requesting feedback. In doing this, we are able to measure and test the success of a workplace design project which helps us provide feedback to our clients on what  works and what needs to be fine tuned to adapt better to company culture and its people. Here are some examples of post occupancy interviews. Please click the "play" icon below to play the video/s.

What we also offer is a service where we create is a live virtual model of the space that can be used as a great tool internally or externally. These could be used for inductions for new staff, operating manuals for office equipment, learning videos for understanding new ways of working and even getting to know or locating other staff members in your building by clicking on an information tab in the space. Please click on the image below to explore the model.

amp- revolve_play 01.jpg