workplace audit

Workplace Auditing is a research product that is pioneered by Revolve and is as unique and advanced as the agency itself. Design Auditing was created to allow Revolve’s clients to see the space they occupy from an interior design perspective. The outcome allows clients place themselves in a far more advantageous position by supporting the organizational goals for the future. This research allows for optimal efficiency in planning, as an audit will indicate where space is being underutilized and reduce costs by planning workspaces in accordance with growth and future plans. The incurred costs of unnecessary and expensive moves can be eliminated by use of Workplace Auditing ensuring that you are better prepared in the long term.

space planning

Functionality, Cost Effectiveness, Optimal Use and Sustainability are the key elements that we develop workspace strategy for our clients on. Once we fully understand your goal and budget your space will be planned according to those guidelines. The floor space is manipulated to accommodate the changes whilst adhering to health and safety regulations and solid design principles. It will be illustrated in two-dimensional layouts for your approval. In cases of very complex changes, a three-dimensional model will accompany your plan to fully illustrate your design.

interior design

An effective interior solution invites employees to enjoy their environment whilst providing everything that is needed to be optimally functional. By identifying an energy that feeds their natural talent and creating a synergy between them and their space, the traditional workroom transforms itself into an inspirational workspace. The blend of colours, textures, fixtures and fabrics allows employees and visitors to experience your organisation rather than just visit or work in it. By delicately intertwining your brand identity into your environment, it allows you to relate to your audience in a more personalized and intimate manner. A large part of the design process is to incorporate comfort and ease by use of scientific tools which allow workspaces to be invigorated and revitalised, assisting in creating harmonious environments.

project management & procurement

During the planning and implementation of your tailored design solution, Revolve uses its experience and relationships in the industry to deliver a full turnkey service. Being aligned with the official South African professional body for interior design, (IID) and South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) we pride ourselves on exceptional and professional service.

Open communication, trustworthy suppliers and people management skills ensure that your design can meet deadlines timeously. Well managed projects are the basis upon which we ensure that our client receives efficient service and effective design solutions.