This is how your next office move will increase profitability

A large part of the current workforce is made up of people born roughly around and between 1979 and 1997. These people are referred to as the Gen Y. This generation is different.....different work styles, expectations, attitudes and different needs. How does a business create environments that allow Gen Y to thrive and perform at their best? Here’s a quick heads up.

How Gen Y see themselves is very straightforward. They are unique and add value to what they do. They are also very proud and confident of their belief systems and how they do what they do makes everything better and optimally functional. Most importantly they are realistic about where we are as a country and where we need to go. With the average age being around 30, these are the folk that will and have the oppotunity to start being the change that we so desperately need.

Their values are clear and focus on working together with camaraderie being very important. Having a holistic integrated work life balance is of great importance and this feeds directly into the ability to be pro choice. These choices are the ability to decide who to work for, what time to leave and how one does ones work, by always giving their best and finding better and more efficient ways to work.

The implications on business are huge. Businesses need to adapt. There is a new culture which is very different to what we are used to assuming work environments need to be. Businesses need to do to stay relevant....and believe me, being relevant is what is going to make that difference. Gen Y need to feel that they are valued and they have the resources and mentorship to grow. They need collaboration spaces and need to know that the organisation they represent stands for something.

The knock on impact on the workplace and provisions for workspaces should therefore be very high up on the priority list for a business. Gen Y environments need to have considered many factors. These factors are simple and yet often overlooked or not considered. They are:

  • Personal workspaces with good storage

  • Natural light and good views

  • Technology that works

  • Stylish design with cool furnishings

  • Ability to make the space a reflection of themselves and their teams.

  • Good locations for office being close to relevant amenities

  • Safety

  • Ease of commute.

Well worth thinking about before making that next office move.

Check out this easy explanation by London Business School

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