3D space scanning service

Make all of your properties available to anyone any time of the day from anywhere with a pc or mobile device. With the latest technology, we give you the ability to showcase your all of your properties or venues directly via your website. Or through an easily shared link with prospective clients, tenants and service technicians. By 3D scanning the space we capture all details in an accurate 3D model. Then through a very simple interface, your clients will have the freedom to wonder around the space and view any area at their leisure. 


For facilities managers, property brokers maintenance staff, this system allows you to very simply share a view with anyone via a direct web link to the exact view you want them to see. I.e. you would be able to show electrician the exact faulty plug that needs work or a painting crew what walls to paint. Simply by sharing a link to any device with a web browser. 

virtual tours

Virtual tours can be planned through any of the scanned properties if you want to lead clients through an automated tour or give a general over view of the space. The viewer can then walk through the model at their will.  We can also capture 360° photos of areas that are not scanned into the model such as roof views or exterior views of the properties. These photos can be incorporated into the tour and will help to give an overall impression of the property.

To make your virtual property tours more engaging, we can add tags onto items in the spaces to give more information on specifications of finishes for example or to links of other forms of information. The tag links can even link to other spaces. When this feature is properly implemented, one can use the scanned building as a sort of maintenance or owner’s manual to a property. Tags can be linked to maps to show the space on a map.


The scanned models are accurate to 99% so measurements can be taken from our scanned models if required.

virtual reality

If opened on a mobile phone, your scanned space will be able to converted to a virtual reality experience. Virtual tours can be taken to another dimension with Virtual Reality and a simple Google Cardboard headset also available from Revolve. It gives viewers the most immersive experience next to actually visiting the site. With custom branded virtual reality headsets with your brand and a website link to your properties, you will offer the most innovative experience in property showcasing.

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